Monday, March 12, 2012

Wedding Guest 101

Can't say I didn't see it coming, but Ben chose Courtney. Yeah. I know. I don't want to talk about it.

So, change of subject. I've been wanting to post on this for awhile now, because 1.) I've been going to quite a few weddings lately (the one I talked about in my last post and another one coming up in April!) and 2.) I've noticed that me and my friends have had some trouble knowing the do's and don't's about wedding etiquette. Some of these rules are obvious and others not so much.

1. Don't wear white. It's the bride's day, not yours. Unless it's a black and white wedding this can be okay, but I would still choose something else. (wedding attire is a whole different post entirely haha)

2. This is the rule I've seen most of my friends not know. It's whether or not you should bring a date. This is how it goes, if your invitation is addressed to you and says "and guest" you can bring a date, if not don't bring one. I wouldn't ask the bride or groom if you can bring one either, because quite honestly this can put them in an awkward position. No one wants to say, "sorry, you can't because we don't have enough food" or "there is only so much seating" ect. ect. The same rule applies to families, if it says "and family" you can bring the kiddos. (I really only know this rule because I addressed my friend Lizzy's wedding invitations haha)

3. RSVP ASAP. This just makes wedding planning a whole lot easier for everyone.

4. Send a gift whether you plan on attending or not. Also, even if you attend a bridal shower, you still need to buy another gift for the wedding. You do have up to a year after the wedding to send a gift. I would suggest having it delivered rather than bringing it to the wedding, that way it keeps someone from the wedding party having to worry about how to get it home.

5. If you get any gifts monogrammed for the couple, the bride's first name initial goes first, the last name initial in the middle, and the groom's first name initial last.  

6. Don't take pictures during the ceremony. Leave that to the professionals.

7. Stand when you're told to stand, usually notified in the program or by the pastor, if not, just follow the lead of those around you.

8. At the reception, don't eat and run. That's just plain rude. At least try and stay for the cutting of the cake.

9. I know, you're a great dancer. But don't start dancing before the couple's first dance. It's their day, not your time to show off your awesome dance moves.

10. This goes without saying, but be on your BEST behavior. No one wants to see you stumbling around because you've drank too much champagne or see you making out in the corner with one of the groomsmen. Stay classy and drink in moderation. You can still have a great time and celebrate the couple's big day without looking like a complete fool.

Any rules you can think of that I've missed? I'm in no way a wedding pro (I've only been a bridesmaid twice... I'm working on 27 haha jk jk), but if you have any questions I'd be happy to give my best shot in answering them!

Hope you had a wonderful Monday!



  1. oh my lord. if someone wore white to my wedding i would straight up tell them to change or leave. NOT okay!

  2. haha agreed Kelsey!

    and I am so upset that Ben picked Courtney too! They always pick the crazy one's...

  3. Oh Courtney, how disappointing! But great tips!!


  4. I love this! So many people make mistakes when it comes to proper wedding etiquette... Thank goodness for Southern mothers :)

  5. i love this so much!!! this is all so true... and everyone needs to know this!

    darling blog :)


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