Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Monogrammed Dish

I saw this idea for a DIY monogramed dish at Belle in the City's blog awhile ago and just fell in love with it! Here's the link if you want to check her's out!

I decided to make my own and thought I'd share how it turned out. I made mine slightly different from hers. Instead of using just paint, I used a piece of scrapbook paper and painted my monogram on it then mod podged away (mod podge really is a crafter's dream!) I also used a small appetizer plate I found at Wal-mart for real cheap.

I used gold paint as well because it matched my bathroom decor better. (it looks a tad bit green in this picture, but looks more gold in person I promise)

Now, I don't have to worry about my earrings or rings rolling down the sink when I take them off to take a shower or wash my face!

Have a wonderful Monday!



  1. ooo - i love that!! Thanks for the idea - that would be a great gift for someone, too!

    Happy Tuesday.

  2. Oh, I love that! I want to make one now!

    P.S. I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog today, so make sure you check it out!

  3. love this dish! absolutely stunning!! need one for my jewels now ;)

  4. Loving this dish! I definitely need to make one for my room! xo

  5. I'm so impressed you did this yourself! I thought for sure that you had bought it until I read your post :) This is gorgeous!

  6. that turned out so well!!! I love it.

  7. You're so crafty it makes me sick! Next time you're in town- let's have a craft date lol... P.S. WHAT IS MODGE PODGE?? (don't judge me...)

  8. Oooh I lovee this!! I'm not crafty at all but I would love to try to make this! You may have inspired me :)

    xoxo Kasey


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