Sunday, March 11, 2012

11 Questions

First off, sorry I haven't posted anything in two days! I drove back home on Friday and yesterday I went to one of my sweet friend's, who I've known since kindergarten, wedding yesterday (I'll blog about that later haha).

Sweet Chelsea over at As Chelsea Sees It tagged me in a little question game. I'm so excited, because as all of you know I'm new to the blogging world and can't believe that anyone is even remotely interested in my crazy life.
Here are the game rules:
-Post these rules
-Post a photo and 11 random things about you
-Create 11 more questions for the people you tag
- Contact those you choose to let them know they've been tagged

(this is me and my fur child Moe. I'll post about her later and why she is named Moe. I love this little dog so much!)

[1] What is your favorite song/artist?
Shoot. I listen to a lot of different types of genres so this is extremely hard. I really LOVE Lady Antebellum, but I have also been a huge Coldplay fan since seventh grade. I like Kings of Leon, Britney Spears, Carrie Underwood, Zac Brown Band, Florence + The Machine, Ellie Goulding, ect. ect. But when it all comes down to the best song and artist to sing with your friends with the car windows down is Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show. 

[2] If you could only eat one thing/type of food for the rest of your life what would it be?
My grandmother's chicken n' dumplings. So yummy!

[3]When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up? And are you that today?
I wanted to be a veterinarian because I'm a huge animal lover, but then I found out that I'd have to put animals to sleep so I nipped that idea in the bud. 

[4]What's your favorite vacation spot?
Florida. The beach and Disney World. Can't beat that.

[5] If you only had one day to live what would you do on your last day?
Probably a bunch of crazy stuff I'm afraid to do now, like skydiving and bungee jumping. I'd also want to swim with dolphins. Then at the end of the day throw a huge party and be with all the people I love. 

[6] What's your favorite movie?
Lion King. Hakuna Matata.

[7] If you had to give up technology(phones, tv, computer) for a day, what would you spend the day doing?
Reading and going on a walk in the park with my bff Betsey. We have our best conversations and thinking there.

[8] What is your favorite place to shop?
Belk and Macy's.

[9] If you had an unlimited amount of money for a day or two, how would you spend it?
Buy both my parents a huge house, pay off my student loans, take my friends and family to Europe, go on a huge shopping spree, take an African safari, geez...the possibilities are endless.

[10]If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why? Would you take anyone with you?
Hmmm where do I not want to go? And I would take my friends and family with me. 

[11] What is your favorite outfit? ( dress,jeans & tee, sweats, etc. etc.)
Sundresses and flip flops or wedges. I love feeling girlie and comfortable.

My questions for you!
 I'm opening this up to anyone who feels like answering!

1.  What is your favorite TV addiction?
2. If you had one day to live, what would you do?
3. What has been your favorite day so far? What did you do and who were you with?
4. What is your dream job?
5. If you could only eat one kind of food for the rest of your life what would it be?
6. If you could hang out with one person for a whole day, dead or alive, who would it be?
7. If you could be any person (celebrity, athlete, ect.) who would it be and why?
8. What is one thing no one knows about you?
9. What are your biggest pet peeves?
10. What animal best describes you?
11. If you could visit one place in the whole world, where would it be? 

Hope everyone had a great Sunday!



  1. I agree with almost all of your answers :) nothing like homemade chicking and dumplings. and diseny is truly the most magical place on earth!

    happy monday

  2. love your taste in music & the fact that you adore disney!! i had the same dream of being a veterinarian when i was younger, and that dream was crushed for the same reasons! haha i could never ever put down a furry animal. i mean i already come to tears whenever i see a dead dog or cat on the side of the road :(

  3. I had a 'Wagon Wheel' moment the other day while driving... Made me miss all of you so badly!!!!


Thank you for all your sweet comments! It really brightens my day :)