Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Colored Jeans

I know you've all seen it on Pinterest, blogs, and in stores, but I'm wondering how y'all feel about the colored jean trend.

 I was a little iffy about it at first, and to be quite honest I wasn't sure if I could even pull them off. But I decided to give it a try today, and I got plenty of compliments about how cute I looked.  I guess you could say I've jumped on the colored jeans trend now haha. Here was my inspiration:

This is from J. Crew

(keep in mind this was taken at the end of the day haha)

I got the denim shirt and colored jeans at Marshalls and TJ Maxx (I'm a huge TJ Maxxer!) and then instead of leopard heels I wore leopard flats (please, like Im going to wear heels to walk all over campus!)  

What do y'all think about the colored jean trend? Were you as on the fence about it as I was? and is it a do or don't in your opinion. 



  1. This is such a cute outfit! I bought red jeans but I haven't worn them yet


  2. ahh that outfit is adorable!! i haven't tried any colored jeans myself, but i'm really liking it on other girls as the spring weather is coming out. i really want to find a mint green pair!

  3. Love this trend and your outfit!! What do you think about Lilly's colored jeans?

  4. cute outfit! i'm a huge fan of the colored jeans trend...i bought a pair of royal blue ones and i wish i could wear them more (except i think people might notice! ha)

  5. I love the colored denim trend! I think it looks great on you, too!

  6. I was a bit unsure about the trend at first, but as Spring has gotten closer I think I may have jumped on the wagon as well! You look adorable!


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