Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Each of you should continue to live in whatever situation the Lord has placed you, and remain as you were when God first called you. This is my rule for all the churches. -1 Corinthians 7:17

Yesterday, I texted my good friend Lizzy to see if she knew of any good churches that held Wednesday night Bible study. She said she wasn't sure, but that she was asked to lead a small Bible study for middle school girls at her church that night and to pray for her.

Funny thing is that the first thought that ran through my mind was "I would love to do something like that." My heart and passion has always been for children and young women. For those of you who don't know, I led Bible study when I was in my sorority and it was one of the hardest and most fulfilling things I have ever done and to be quite honest I didn't think I'd have the opportunity to do something like that for awhile.

I kid you not, an hour later, a get a phone call from Lizzy asking me if I would be interested in being a leader. Um... say what? God did you really just open up that door that quickly? Just testament to how God pays attention to all your desires, even the most fleeting of thoughts.

I know the idea crossed my mind, but I have no experience counseling and leading 8th grade girls  and I'm not going to lie, I'm kinda in panic mode.

We ALL know what we were like in 8th grade. You feel awkward, don't really know who you are and trying to be someone else, talking about boys all the time, dealing with gossip and bullies, and all kinds of drama.  

I feel a little out of my league.

Don't get me wrong, I have talked to young women about very serious and heart wrenching things, but for some reason dealing with younger girls just scares me.

I don't want to come off like I've got it all right just because I'm older. I'll  be the first to admit I am a sinner and have messed up and only by His grace have I been forgiven and saved, but at the same time I want to be someone they can look up to and feel comfortable approaching. You have so many doubts about yourself as a person and wonder if you're good enough. Is their another young woman closer to God than me that is more equipped to lead these young women?

My mind has been spinning and I can't stop thinking about it since last night. I'm worried about the time commitment that needs to be made. These girls deserve a leader who can give them their absolute attention and be willing to make a commitment that will lead up to their years in High School.

Just pray that God will give me the wisdom to know what to do. I have a feeling I'm going to do it because the whole situation is just so crazy because it shows God's hand at work, but then what? Am I prepared to undertake something like this?

Pray for me girls. If any of you have led girls in this age group, I'd love to hear your input!


Monday, August 27, 2012


This weekend was bid day at UTC and me and Mrs. Emily Cain of course drove down to see our beloved sorority get 59 precious new members. Our theme this year was
'MΣRIΚA- "Making America Beautiful Since 1874" 
and it was honestly one of the cutest things I've ever seen. So get ready...this post has more pictures than I've ever put up. I'm a proud Sigma Kappa of Theta Phi. 

How we do bid day at UTC is all the girls that have gone through rush receive their bids Sunday morning in Patton Chapel. All the sororities wait outside, before girls three at a time run out to the sorority they got a bid from. There is a lot of tackling, crying, laughing, and it is by far one of the best feelings in the world to pick up the girl you've loved all week and know that she is now your sister. I almost cried about 20 times haha I miss it so much and knew that these girls that just ran out to us were about to start some of the best four years and continue our legacy.

Kinda obsessed with our letters! We put blue and red glitter on them and they looked fabulous!

Our brand new babies!!! 

New girls learning how to throw what they know :)

"Land of the Free, Home of the Sigma Kappa"

Congratulations to all of you that have gone through rush and have joined a sorority! I know sorority life isn't for everyone, but for me, joining Sigma Kappa was one of the best decisions I ever made. Cherish your letters, respect your ritual, and love your sisters. Life doesn't get much better :)

Congrats PC '12! Welcome to the Mystic Bond.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Chukkers for Charity

Imagine my surprise when last week I get an email from Vineyard Vines asking me to come to a wine and cheese event they're hosting at their store. Not going to lie, it made me feel pretty special.

Why did I get this invite? Turns out the charity I've been volunteering for partnered up with them to raise money for their huge fundraising event, Chukkers for Charity. 10% off all the purchases that day went to Saddle Up!

Before I go into the event, I want to tell y'all a little bit about what Saddle Up is. Its a charity in Nashville that allows children with disabilities to take horse back riding lessons. I know what you're thinking, how does horse back riding help children with disabilities? But depending on how severe the disability is, it can help a child talk, actually sit up without being strapped in a wheel chair, teach responsibility, and focus, etc.

I've only been volunteering there for a few weeks and have already fallen in love with several of the kids, horses, and volunteers. I know this may sound cheesy, but their is so much joy and love in that place that you can't help but smile when you get a kid in the saddle and walk them around the arena.

 If you're in the Nashville area and want to help out, click here. There are other organizations that use therapeutic riding, so if this sound interesting to you, see if there is one in your community. I'd strongly advise it.

Back to Vineyard Vines, so when I walk into the store they have two large tables set up with VV table cloths, VV solo cups, VV cooler, VV napkins, cheese, crackers, wine, sparkling water, and I'm thinking this is how to shop! (I took pictures of it on my phone, but for some reason they are not being sent to my email so I'll have to put those up later.)

And here's what I bought! 

The Westerly Vest in navy. I love that my small glass of wine convinced me to buy this. How perfect for fall with a striped button down or just a t-shirt? I see myself hiking or grocery shopping in it haha. 

But what I was really drooling over, and might possibly purchase later for UTC's homecoming, were these two dresses...

Aren't they adorable?! I just don't know which one I love more...

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oh Rush, How I Miss You

Its day 2 of my heart recovery. Surprisingly doing really well. Haven't cried so I'm guessing thats a sign I'm a-okay haha. I honestly think its because in my heart of hearts I knew this guy wasn't right for me, or at least not right now. I've been talking to my closest friends about all this and my Bible study leader who is one of the Godliest women I know. This is what she texted me this morning:

"I just heard yesterday that when you are single looking for the one you should be working on yourself to become the person who you would like to meet and marry someday. When you are ready and the other person who has also been working on themselves all this time find each other you will be a better fit. So many times we try to fit our will into His design and we just end up getting hurt more. All that to say, it does hurt. It is very hard and lonely but do not undermine yourself. If he is not the one, God does have a better plan even though we cannot see why or how. All He wants you to do now is trust Him and walk and talk with Him. I love you." 

So true! Just wait. I'm going to live the single life up :) Not in a crazy drinking making out with random boys way, but in God's way and discovering more about myself through Him.

On a brighter note...RUSH is this week at UTC. I thought I'd share a few pointers since I've been through it and have been behind the scenes of it for four years of my life haha.

1. Go in with an open mind. You may already have an idea of what sorority you want going into rush whether it's based on your friends in it, you know its good nationally, you're a legacy, etc. You'd be surprised, however, that once you go through you might realize that it's not the one for you. This happened to me at UTC. Everyone I knew was in one particular sorority, but when I went through I realized that I had fallen in love with another sorority and that was where I needed to be. Also, one sorority is different at every school and has different reputations.

2. Dress to impress. I know this sounds superficial and no we aren't judging you on how many designer brands you have on, but if you look like you really don't care about rushing, people will think you won't care about the sorority and your sisters as well. Think of it as a business interview, you want to be taken seriously.

3. Smile. :)

4. Don't drop out just yet. I'll be honest. Recruitment is bizarre. It just is. You have to walk in some house and have girls chant songs at you, have a 5 minute conversation, and then are supposed to base your decision off that. Stick with it. I promise it gets better after the first two nights and you start actually forming relationships.

5. It really is a mutual selection process. I know you girls going through think that we only choose you, but I'm here to tell you a secret... that is FALSE. We may love you, but you may love another sorority and drop us. It's as much of your decision as it is ours. 

6. If you don't get your number one choice, it's not the end of the world. I know you might be hurt and disappointed, but give the other one a shot. You're there for a reason and it might actually be the best place for you. Give it a couple weeks and if you still don't like it, go through rush again the next year. 

7. Soak it all in. Whether your going through or on the other side, it goes by so fast. Enjoy your college years and cherish your letters.

Good Luck to everyone who is going through recruitment! 

Have a blessed Wednesday! :)


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Office Blues

I know this is only my third day of work, but I am seriously going to have to do something to my office asap! I'm trying to think of some good ideas, but have no clue what to do! The sorority girl in me that never sleeps, wants to put chevron patterns, pink, and Lilly everywhere, but the somewhat grown up part of me says keep it professional. I did still buy this LP planner in Ugatta Regatta for work though....

love it!

Heres the deal, I have one wall that is blue and when I say blue, I mean it is BLUE.  And the floor has MAROON carpeting..... but I'm up for the interior decorating challenge haha.

(do you like the large picture of the elephant on my wall?  hint hint to where and whom I'm working for for all you smart cookies haha) 

And this is what I get to look at from my desk...It's clear to me that a guy had this office before I moved in. 

 I do like that I have a huge window and that I'm working with one of my close friends and sorority sister, so thats a great perk. Plus, I really do love what I'm doing and couldn't be happier with how everything is going right now,  I just need to doctor up my office a bit.  

 I'm thinking the theme for this office should be "Southern and Sophisticated" (yes, I just gave my office a theme. I'm excited alright haha). Maybe some fake blue hydrangeas, a candle, a lamp, pictures, and that's about all I've thought of so far.  

And of course this little guy will be moving in with me soon.

Bought him at World Market awhile ago. They still have them if you want to pick one up for yourself :)

Do any of you have any office ideas for me? 



Monday, August 13, 2012


I know. I'm a terrible person and haven't blogged in FOREVER! but I have an always.


Yay! and I haven't blogged about it because 1. I still don't have internet at my house and that does make things extremely difficult. 2. I had to move all my furniture back from Chattown to Nashville. and 3. Today is my first day and I finished my work early and am waiting to see what else I can do, so I'm keeping this short and sweet, but at least now y'all know I didn't die or drop off the face of the planet.

I'm not going to give a lot of details on where I work, but I'm in fundraising and so far love it! They're already giving me free stuff (like a Volunteer Traditions koozie and hat! ummm LOVE).

I got one in white. I wanted navy (like the one Reese Witherspoon has), but they were only giving out white, orange, or khaki. Yeah, orange and khaki would not look great on blonde me. 

and that's the koozie I got in mint :)

If y'all like what you see from Volunteer Traditions, click here to go to their site. They have a ton of really cute stuff and not just products that represent Tennessee, but also Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Florida....okay, you get the drift, every Southern state haha so go on over and take a peek.  

I can't even begin to put into words how much God has blessed me. You all know how worried I was about finding and a job, and I felt like each time I turned around I was getting rejected, but God had bigger things in mind for little ole me. He wanted me here and opened this door and I can't wait to see where it leads in the future. 

So whenever any of you are feeling stressed or discouraged about finding a job or anything else, just remember that He has a plan bigger than you could ever imagine. Just have faith, pray about it, keep an open mind, do all that you can do, work hard, and I promise He will take care of the rest in His own timing. 

But that's some of what is going on with me. I promise not to be a stranger anymore and will keep you updated on my first big girl job and everything else that is going on in my first year as a freshman in life....and let me tell you it is quite an adventure so far!

Have a joyful Monday!