Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Office Blues

I know this is only my third day of work, but I am seriously going to have to do something to my office asap! I'm trying to think of some good ideas, but have no clue what to do! The sorority girl in me that never sleeps, wants to put chevron patterns, pink, and Lilly everywhere, but the somewhat grown up part of me says keep it professional. I did still buy this LP planner in Ugatta Regatta for work though....

love it!

Heres the deal, I have one wall that is blue and when I say blue, I mean it is BLUE.  And the floor has MAROON carpeting..... but I'm up for the interior decorating challenge haha.

(do you like the large picture of the elephant on my wall?  hint hint to where and whom I'm working for for all you smart cookies haha) 

And this is what I get to look at from my desk...It's clear to me that a guy had this office before I moved in. 

 I do like that I have a huge window and that I'm working with one of my close friends and sorority sister, so thats a great perk. Plus, I really do love what I'm doing and couldn't be happier with how everything is going right now,  I just need to doctor up my office a bit.  

 I'm thinking the theme for this office should be "Southern and Sophisticated" (yes, I just gave my office a theme. I'm excited alright haha). Maybe some fake blue hydrangeas, a candle, a lamp, pictures, and that's about all I've thought of so far.  

And of course this little guy will be moving in with me soon.

Bought him at World Market awhile ago. They still have them if you want to pick one up for yourself :)

Do any of you have any office ideas for me? 




  1. I'm in love with that elephant teapot! Hmmm... you could spruce up your space with a cute DIY memo board! Or I really love when people put inspirational quotes in photo frames, along with pictures of friends & family. Too bad you can't switch out that loooovely carpeting! At least maroon shows off your SigKap pride ;)

  2. Cork board with fun things on it. Paint an elephant on it and put pictures or something. Picture frames! Definitely flowers!! Wall shelves?

  3. This blog is so great, i don't even know what to say...

    So think of the nicest thing anyone's ever said to you....

    Multiply by 2...

    And now you have what I think about your blog. I'm from texas but now I live in PA. It's so hard trying to suppress my "yall" everyday.


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