Thursday, March 15, 2012

Birthday Right Ahead

Is anyone else as excited about this as I am? I literally screamed when I saw the preview the first time. (don't worry, I was alone in my room haha)

Today, my friend Olivia asked what I wanted to do for my birthday. This year my birthday falls on the Thursday before Good Friday and Easter, so I'm thinking something low key the day of, and then going all out and celebrating the week after. Well, what do you ya know. The people in the movie business decided to put one of my favorite movies back on the big screen in 3D the day before my birthday! 

What a perfect birthday present right? I'm thinking dinner with close friends then off to sail the Titanic with Leo. Sounds like a great low key birthday to me! 

Have a wonderful Thursday!



  1. I absolutely love Titanic and I'm so excited to see it in 3D! Sounds like a good Birthday plan to me :)

  2. Yes!! I can't wait to see it in 3D!! Love that movie!

    Happy Friday!! :)


  3. I know one of the people who did the special effects for titanic, so we're all excited to see it! You have the same birthday as one of my closest friends, figures! We don't have a big theater in our college town though, so I'm thinking we'll have to do something more low key for her birthday!

  4. I have been crying when the commercials come on and have a two dates to see it: one with my husband and one with a girlfriend! Your new follower.


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