Friday, March 2, 2012

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, NEW FISH!

I'm sure you all know that today is Dr. Seuss' birthday! Like so many of you, I too, was raised having his stories read to me at bedtime.

But now, whenever I hear of Dr. Seuss I automatically think of my dear friend and sorority sister Emily and her adorable baby boy Liam. Why? Because when Mrs. Emily became prego, Allison and I threw her a Dr. Seuss themed baby shower. For any of you who have thrown any type of shower you know how incredibly fun they are to plan! I eat this kind of stuff up! (maybe that's why I'm in PR and event planning huh haha)

Anyways, I thought I'd share some pictures with you from the event. (keep in mind this shower was thrown pre-pinterest, who knows what Allison and I would have done then!)

Here's the buffet table. Allison and I made those poms ourselves out of tissue paper!

I loved the blue plates with the red and white polka dotted napkins.

On each table we put a red, blue, yellow, or white pale and filled them with red carnations. We also put a Dr. Seuss book on each table so that Emily could take them home to start Liam's library. 

Allison made the name sign above the cake table. She's so crafty!

Here's the cake Emily's little in the sorority, Chelsea had made. Isn't it precious? It says "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, New Fish" around it.

This shower was so much fun because there were so many creative things we could do with Dr. Seuss!

 If you're wondering about the little man, he is now 9 months old! (geez time flies!) 

(Emily, I stole this from your blog haha I just love this picture because he looks like such a little man and so serious)

Just look at him. Could he get any cuter?! Polo button down and a baby come over (ehhmm frat swoop)... yep definitely a frat baby! If you want to know more about mommy Emily and baby Liam, check out her blog!

Hope y'all have a wonderful Friday!



  1. Such a precious idea! Baby showers always give such a good excuse to have fun themes like this one, and you executed it so well :)

  2. What a great idea!! Dr. Seuss has always been one of my favorites too. And, the budding frat swoop is fantastic! ;)

  3. awww this kid is adorable :)
    great post!

  4. Ya'll did such a great job :) we were actually talking about it yesterday! His first birthday is going to be Dr. Seuss themed in honor of his sweet little baby shower :)
    Love you!!!!

  5. Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog-- Love it! Please make sure to stop by mine @

    >I follow back! :)

    p.s. I love your background! nice!

  6. So cute! Oh my goodness do you have a condo at One North Shore because this looks like the club room!

    1. No, but my friend does and we did have it in the club room at One North Shore haha! Are you from Chattanooga?!

  7. looks so nice! Hope u had a great time
    X the cookies


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