Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Ok, I'm not really going to Hawaii or any other exotic place, but I'm craving for a beach or some place tropical! This weather has been so beautiful and sunny it just puts me in the laying out mood, but since I still have just one more month of school left (ahhhhh!) I got to push through it and stay confined in my room writing papers and studying.

So, I thought I'd bring a piece of paradise to me! Here are some things I got to remind me of the beach.

Coconut Lime Verbena Wallflower
This is by far my favorite spring/summer scent for my room. It's sweet yet light, and most importantly smells clean. If you don't own a wallflower from Bath and Body Works, I'd highly recommend buying one. They make your whole house smell good no matter what scent you choose!

Vita Coco coconut water with pineapple
This stuff is so yummy and refreshing! I feel like I'm laying on a beach in Mexico every time I drink it. I love the taste of pineapple as well because it makes it sweet without you feeling like you've just drank a whole bunch of corn syrup.

Last, but not least, my little Palm tree in my room. 
This little tree just puts me in a good mood. I chose a palm tree because what else is more tropical? If you want one for your house, you can find them pretty cheap at Lowe's  (I would research the kind you buy because certain types of indoor plants are poisonous to children and animals)

I bought the pot at Marshall's for $16.99, which is actually cheaper than some of the less pretty pots they sell at Wal-mart, so just look around at stores like Old Time Pottery, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Marshall's to find one that you like for a decent price. 

Hope this helps y'all with creating a little oasis of your own!



  1. I love that you have a palm tree in your room--too cute! Love that pot, too!

  2. i'm obsessed with b&bw wallflowers! their only con is they run out so fast!! does that happen to yours too?

  3. coconut lime is my favorite! I love the handsoap!

  4. I love it! I went and bought me some tropical smelling candles at B&BW the other day! Mini vacation in the apartment :)


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