Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's Just Not Fair

I've been cooped up inside all day working on homework (papers, tests, and online quizzes, oh my!). Just so y'all know, I'm one of those strange people that has to have the TV on or music playing while I'm working or studying. Silence just drives me crazy!

Anywho, the movie Can't Buy Me Love came on (if you're not familiar with it, it's a cheesy 80s movie that Love Don't Cost a Thing was based on) and guess whose in it? Patrick Dempsey! But this isn't the Patrick Dempsey we all know and drool over, in fact, it's hard to even recognize him! because....

he's a NERD!!! wait....what? never thought I'd put his name and that adjective in the same sentence! How did this become this?

I'll tell you how. Men just become more attractive with age. While we're worrying about applying wrinkle cream, they can just let nature take it's course and overnight become a stud. It's just not fair.  Take the most recent example:

Cute little Neville Longbottom. He is precious. I just want to pinch his cheeks, but I would never go wow, he's going to be such a lady killer when he grows up. Well, guess what?

He is! 

But then again, I guess this isn't completely unfair since we get to look at them haha :) 

Have a great Saturday!  



  1. I love your blog :D I'm now a follower, please check my blog out sometime :):)

  2. Ohmygoodness I love Patrick Dempsey, I can't believe how nerdy he was! I would never have guessed that Dr. McDreamy started off like that! Oh well, it is unfair to us girls, but I guess that means we ladies must invest wisely so maybe one day we'll have our own McDreamy! (or even McSteamy)

  3. New followerrr :] LOVE this post! and mmm I love me some Patrick Dempsey

  4. It's funny how they've changed. But the good thing is that they've changed for good :)

  5. Ahem.. hate to be captain obvious but this DOES NOT look like studying to me ;) lol GET TO WORK TERRI! :) love ya!

  6. the entire CAST of harry potter went from awkward & goofy to basically GQ models, it's unreal. i see you, ron weasley!

  7. When did Neville get so attractive!? He's hot!!


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