Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Disney Housewives

It's been a long day. I barely got any sleep last night because I had a test this morning, but I thought I'd share this video with you if you haven't seen it already. My friend Olivia posted it on my facebook wall and I thought it was absolutely hysterical. I probably think it's so funny because I love Real Housewives (except Atlanta) and Disney haha.

Here's the link: (I hope it works! sorry I'm a little technologically challenged haha)

I can't believe Lindsey Lohan is making a come back, but hey good for her.

And thank you for all your sweet comments about the painting! I was able to give it to her today and she loved it! I'm so flattered and also so thankful to have met such great blogger friends :)

Have a great Tuesday :)



  1. loved the video! so funny! and thanks for the advice!

  2. i LOVED that sketch this week haha! glad i found your blog :) new follower!


Thank you for all your sweet comments! It really brightens my day :)