Friday, June 22, 2012

Stampin' Out My Letters

It's no secret. I love stationary.

I really don't know why. Is it the colorful prints and patterns that draw me in?  and it might just be a weird quirk of mine, but I love to write in a new notebook and always loved getting new school supplies (I know, I'm a dork. I collected milky and gel pens in fifth grade, but don't lie, you did too haha).

Well, as every lady should, I've been writing my Thank You notes to my friends and family for graduation gifts and to my delight horror I realized I was running low and needed to buy some more. No surprise. I write Thank You notes all the time.

 *** Here's an Emily tip for all you going into business, marketing, PR, etc. if you have a speaker from a company or business come speak to your class and you want to make an impression (you know, for internships and possible future jobs!) 1) go up to them after class and introduce yourself, and 2) write them a thank you note for coming to your class and send it to there company. You can always send an email, but nothing sticks out quite as much as a written note! ***

I've been looking at new stationary and these stuck out to me:

 I really love these! Simple. Monogrammed. Pink. 
The cheapest I found them was at Paperstyle, but if you know of any other great places that sell cute monogrammed stationary let me know!

I also really want some return address labels. I started looking at the cute sticker ones, but then found some of the cutest stamps! You get a whole lot more out of them and they are adorable!!! More for your buck which is always a plus!

I found all of these on an etsy store and they are so cute! Alli's Creations has a stamp for any home!

These come from Palm Gifts. I love the monogram and preppy images in the middle! 

I probably won't purchase one until I have a permanent home, but what a great housewarming gift for a newlywed's first home paired with some adorable stationary?! (or a Home Depot/ Lowe's gift card if we want to be practical haha) 

Hope you have a fabulous Friday!



  1. I am a total sucker for new supplies as well. I actually just ordered my THIRD planner for the year because I have such a need for clean, new things...haha...problem?

    Check out

    You won't regret it.

  2. I LOVE stationary too :) Office supplies are my weakness...I am a dork! My favorite place to shop is I can't wait to checkout the sites you mentioned :)

  3. I adore stationary as well (and office supplies) to the point that my friends call me insane. I've been looking for a new set, and the monogram ones look GREAT :) I tend to find mine on etsy, by the way!

  4. I love great stationary and a handwritten thank you note. I was "that girl" who sent out all of my wedding thank you's the week after the wedding on monogrammed thank you cards. As a kid, we were never allowed to play with our new gift until we wrote our thank you note so I guess that just stuck!

  5. I am the same exact way, and love to make someone's day with a handwritten note (even though it seems like those are a thing of the past these days). I'm addicted to Tiny Prints! They're a little pricey, but they just ran a 50% off special so I stocked up!


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