Monday, June 11, 2012

Relationships with Miss Maggie

Hiiiyaa Ladies! In case you don’t already know, I am Maggie over at

I am so excited to get this opportunity to guest post for Miss Emily.  I wasn’t sure exactly how this works, so I hope I do okay for you. Today I wanted to talk to you all about relationships. Those who are in one, or who have ever been in one know how much work is required to make it last. Whether you’re dating, engaged, or even married, here are some tips to keep your relationship fresh and strong.
·      Communicate. No ladies, I don’t mean the occasional what’s up texts during the day. I am talking about turning off Greys Anatomy for 10 minutes and having an actual conversation with your significant other. (We’ll just call that person Bob) Also, let Bobby talk too. I know you just bought these really cute shoes that he is dying to see, but ask him about his day.
·      Plan a date night that is centered around what Bob likes to do, besides holding your shopping bags and admiring your beauty as you try to decide which shade of red gloss looks good on your lips. Order him tickets to a local baseball game, have dinner at his favorite bar and grill (even if it does smell like cheap beer and cigarettes) or go see that “action packed” Megan Fox movie with him. He will appreciate that you’re thinking about his interests, and then ask him to plan a date for you too.
·      Let Bobby hang out with his buds. You don’t always want to watch the Lakers every time they play, now do you? Let him go out with his guys, and take time for yourself and your gals. The girls will appreciate that 20 dollar steal far more than he will anyways.
·      Include his family as often as you can. He will love you forever if you take an afternoon to have a coffee with his mother or to chit chat with his sis. The two most important things to Bob are you, and his family. Put in the effort to make them as important to you as well. 
·      Love good ol’ Bobby for what he is. If there are not any major issues that cause friction in the relationship, leave him be. Plug your nose and pick up the dirty socks that he left in the floor for the 100th time. I am sure he enjoys the feminine products all over the back of the toilet just as much as you enjoy his dirty baseball cap. It is all about give and take. He’ll see that you help him, and he will want to help you in return.

That is all I have for you today!


  1. Definitely some great tips! I need to keep a few of these in mind.

  2. I definitely needed reminding of some of these! One thing I'd like to know from other women is how do you deal with arguments? My boyfriend will go through my phone every now and then. It drives me so crazy! He also has some occassional conversation with one of his old girlfriends, and I know it's just friendly but I feel like he'd be freaking out if I were the one doing it. (Sorry to vent, but we've been arguing lately!)


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