Saturday, June 16, 2012

Beach Essentials with Mrs. Emily

Hey Ladies! EmCain here filling in for Miss Emily while she's out of town! Were you aware that I was actually girlfriend's roommate whilst soaking up my college days? She was even a bridesmaid in my wedding! Here, I'll give you some proof..
Yep! We go back :) 
Anyway, when Emily emailed me and told me about guest posting, she had said the topic was free game!  So naturally, I thought of the one thing that's been on my mind since I pulled out my white shoes from hibernation..
The Beach?! Duh?
..I know I'm not alone in this!
So today I'm here to share with all of you some key essentials that I feel you'll be needing to have packed in your beach bag (*ahem* I will be packing mine in less than a month.. It's okay to be a little jealous ;) this glorious season!
Let's get to it, shall we?
1. Atleast two beach towels.. Mine shall be monogrammed (because I am from the south, and I monogram everything.. as should you!) but it's quite alright if you've got a towel equally as cute ;) (because when it comes to beach attire-- a towel counts as an accessory, keep it cute ladies!). I always have one for laying on and one for a pillow/ drying off purposes.. Ya know, just in case you need to take a little dip! More towels are never frowned upon ;)
2. A nice sized hat to protect your face from the sun.  Let's face it.  We are not as young as we use to be ladies, which means it is now crucial to protect our faces from the risk of... well, the 'W' word.  Oh, you say you recently went to the Derby and/or Steeplechase? Well sister, just throw that fabulous derby hat in that bag and off you go, or you could always head out and get a few color coordinated ones to match your swim suits (remember.. accessories!).
3. Sunglasses.  Squinting? Not cute. These also make for excellent stalking material. What if you see an absolutely gorgeous beach babe? Throw these puppies on and stare away!  I currently possess those cute little Ray Bans shown above.. they're great for keeping my face from having "racoon eye" tan lines.
4. Reading Material. I prefer anything home related, or filled with juicy gossip.  
5.  Hair brush, Bobbies, and Hair Tie. In case you need to do a quick fix for said beach babe above...
6. Ipod. Duh?
7. Cell Phone (that's my phone case.. Love it!).. again. Duh?
8. Beverages.  Diet Coke, Water, a refreshing glass of chilled Moscato... I don't know what you drink? ;) All I know is that you is gon' die of the dehydration if you don't keep some fluids in ya ;) 
9. Tumbler glass with straw and/or plastic wine glass. Girlfriends, you can find these anywhere.  They're reusable, plastic, and they don't make your drinks taste all cardboard-like like the to go cups at various fast food restaurants.  Plus, you'll need something cute to put in said Bevie above ;) 
10. Cooler.  You'll most likely want to coordinate this with your beach bag as well ;) Gotta keep those drinks nice and cool ;) 
...these would be the other neccessary items to take along with me to the beach.
Sorry girls, but you're on your own finding you some super fine men to accompany you ;) 
So who's ready to get to packing? I know I am!
Thanks so much, Mak (or Emily, as you all would call her!) for having me over, and thanks for reading, ladies!
Come see me sometime, I'd love to meet you!
Until Next Time, girlfriends!
xoxo, EmCain


  1. This is my exact pool list!!! I have the:
    marley lilly monogrammed hat (in pink and green too)
    lilly pool bag
    lilly wine glasses
    lilly tumbler
    US Weekly subscription
    and duh barefoot bubbly.

    You might be my life twin!!

  2. Looks like much needed beach items! This really makes me want to go to the beach. :(


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