Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Run Like A Girl: The Running Skirt with Miss Ali

Hello beauties! My name is Ali and I normally blog over at {monogrammed scrubs} But today I have the pleasure of guest blogging for sweet Emily!
I never would have thought that I would be the girl who went running in a skirt.
 I am not sure what I am more surprised by - the electrifying skirt and nike frees pairing, or that fact that I actually enjoy running. But I still hate it all the same. I shouldn't admit to things like that, its all too confusing! But I reassure you, I enjoy my lounging time, sitting around watching movies and doing nothing all day wins over running the majority of the time. So when my mom dragged me to target one afternoon insisting we look at their running skirts I was a grumpy pants. The little display was laid out in a perfect color arrangement and this little thing jumped out at me. It wasn't pink, but it was as close as I was going to get. I ran to the tiny dressing rooms to try it on and knew it was all good then. The skirt slipped right on and the little built in spandex bloomers hugged perfectly. There was no pinching around my waist nor was it inching off my hips. I promptly exited the dressing room, in a much better mood, and purchased the C9 by Champion running skirt for around $15.

The running skirt concept is great because it is comfortable and cute. My mom sale point was that it was just perfect for me to after a run. She has this picture of me going on a run and then casually browsing around in the mall. I don't think she understands how pale and exercise do not mix, not to mention a little thing called sweat. 
What this skirt is perfect for is an easy, practical outfit choice. It almost could pass for a tennis skirt, and I don't think you'll have anyone exclaiming "oh look at her running skirt!" I would just assume someone was going to play tennis judging from the skirt alone.
All in all, I would definitely recommend this concept to runners and lounge potatoes alike. Right now on {} there is a $2 off coupon for any C9 Champion apparel. You could get this skirt for a steal!
p.s. I still haven't forgotten about my baby norts, they will always be a tried and true essential. The skirt is working its way into my heart though...

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  1. What a great concept! If you can play tennis in a skirt, why not run in a skirt!? :)


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