Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Lucky One

I had my phone interview yesterday and I took all of y'alls advice. I think it went pretty well, but I was super nervous and kept repeating myself (but maybe I just noticed myself doing this haha). The lady told me that I was very pleasant and engaging to talk to so I hope thats a good sign! The only thing thats hurting me is my lack of experience, but she also said that everyone has to start somewhere and if you're never given the opportunity how can you? SO true!

If I don't get this job at least I had practice with a phone interview and can offer some of you pointers now! haha. The one thing I can say is that you need to have questions for them. The best question she said that I asked was "What are the most important values and skills for this job?" This way I got to hear what she was looking for in a new employee. So if any of you have a job interview soon remember to ask questions! It shows that you're interested and have done your research on the company.

After my nerve wracking interview, Liv, Meagan, and I went shopping for an engagement photo outfit. This is proving harder than finding Liv's wedding dress! We had to keep thinking about what would look good next to her future hubby, in a field, and what fits them as a couple. HARD. We struck out everywhere we went and decided to call it a day and grab some dinner before going to see The Lucky One.

I don't really know what I can say about this movie. It was sweet. I cried, but it was just okay. It was the kind of movie you can wait to see on DVD and not spend the money on seeing it in the theatre. At some points I felt like it went really fast and even without reading the book I could tell it was skipping a lot. My friend Meagan read it and said that the plot was almost completely different (so if you read the book, be prepared to see a difference). I wouldn't say it was disappointing though because it accomplished what all Nicholas Sparks movies do, but thats about it. Basically, save your $10 and wait for it to come out in a Redbox for a girls night in haha. 

Have a great Tuesday and Happy May Day!



  1. I was so excited to see The Lucky One but when a friend told me it is pretty much completely different from the book, I was disappointed. The book was amazing! I'm definitely saving my $$ and waiting for it to come out on DVD.

    1. relieved to see this comment! I can't stand reading a whole book and then being disappointed..

  2. I am 30 pages into the book..I hope it is better than the movie :\

  3. I agree! I read the book before the movie and was kinda disappointed in the movie. The book was so amazing and the movie was just ok.

  4. Oh man, good to know about the movie! I LOVED the book, it's probably my favorite by Nicholas Sparks. I think I'm gonna wait to see it til it's $1 in Redbox haha :) I hate when the movie speeds through the story too much, or even worse, changes the plot! I was furious when the My Sister's Keeper movie did that.

  5. Thanks for the perspective on "The Lucky One" I think I'm going to read the book and then watch it at home :)


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