Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Little Red Dress

Alright, I know I am not the only one who watched the Bachelorette last night. Were any of you drooling over Ryan on their first date like I was?! and forget the boy...that red dress Emily Maynard was wearing! WANT! What a cute date dress or dress to go out with your girls in?


So of course, I went to Possessionista Fashion Blog to figure out where this pretty little red dress was from.  If you don't follow Possessionista you should, she puts up every item of clothing from TV shows and tells you where they're from! Click here for her site. 

This Nightcap Victorian Lace One Sleeve dress runs for $352 at Revolve Clothing, a little to steep for my wallet right now, but a girl can dream haha. I liked a lot of what Emily wore last night, but the pink and purple formal dresses weren't my favorite. 

Also, who called it? Both Ryan and Jef got roses before the other guys, and from the sneak peek of the next episode, Arie looks like he's going to get the first kiss. I was a little disappointed that she decided to keep Kalon and the MC guy around, but I guess the show needs some more drama.

What did you think about Emily Maynard's clothing and the episode last night?



  1. i was so in love with emilys one shoulder dress! thanks for pointing me in the right direction to find it :)

  2. RYAN. Oh man. man man man man. He is so attractive.


  3. Love Ryan, and I was not a fan of the two formal dresses either. However, the red dress was so stinking cute!

  4. Though there've only been two episodes this seasons already turning out to be wayyyyy better than Ashley's. Not to mention the outfist Ms. Maynard have been rocking are so unbelieveably cute.

  5. Yes. Ryan is gorgeous! Her red dress was beautiful, I also liked her black one.

  6. I think Emily is so cute, and I love that dress! I'm basically in love with Ryan, too!

  7. This dress is really awesome!! I love the colour and the cut!! Wow wow wow!

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