Monday, September 24, 2012

Why So Serious?

This weekend was UTC homecoming, so of course, me and EmCain had to go down and see our sorority sisters.

I am beyond thrilled to say that Sigma Kappa won best sorority two years in a row for homecoming and my little was on homecoming court! It was a great weekend to see everyone and to celebrate (besides the fact that we lost our football game, but I really wasn't there for that haha)!

I thought I'd share our Step Show that we got first place in because it is AMAZING!  They did a batman and joker theme and it just blew my mind. Step Show is seriously one of the biggest things at UTC. Every sorority puts so much hard work into things like this and it shows!

I am one proud alumna! and this week is Big/Little week so I'm also a very proud great great great grandbig haha :)

Have a happy Monday!



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    1. I don't think so, but the name sounds familiar. Is he in a fraternity?

  2. I've been SUPER MIA from blog land, so I'm catching up on your's now :):) THIS WAS AMAZING!!!! So proud of SigKap! I showed this video to my little & future G-little hehehe


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