Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Faith, Family, and Freedom

So I decided to post pone the reveal of my giveaway until Saturday to give some of the opportunity to enter if you have not already.

I've been super busy with work (I'm blogging on my lunch break haha), but I wanted to catch y'all up on some things that have been going on with me.

Chuckers for Charity was last Saturday and was SO much fun. I feel like I'm beginning to understand the game of polo and it was so cool to watch. Pictures soon to come once I find the cord that connects my camera and laptop (story of my life).

As you all know, yesterday was September 11. My heart aches every time I think about the thousands of innocent people who died that day, but also the brave men and women who were deployed afterwards.

I know we all hear remember our troops, pray for them, what a tremendous sacrifice they are making, ect., but do you ever really think about it? To be honest I don't. My grandfather, both my uncles, and two of my cousins have served, but I have never lost anyone close to me who have served.

 I was listening to my local Christian radio station yesterday and they were allowing people to sign up and get a free ticket to see the Last Ounce of Courage before it premieres this Friday. I had nothing else exciting to do on a Tuesday night, so I treated my mom to dinner at Panera before both of us went to see the film.

I'll be real with y'all the movie at first comes off sort of cheesy, and like a bad lifetime movie, but at the end of the film you will want to stand up and applaud. It made me want to thank everyone who has served and their families. It was that powerful.

We take so much time complaining about what's wrong with our country that we often take our freedoms for granted, but more importantly we forget how important it is to fight for these freedoms.

The film is Christian based (It's the second largest Christian released film since the Passion of the Christ) and comes from the same company that created Fire Proof and Courageous, so keep in mind that it was probably a low costing film, so if you're looking for high tech special effects you need to see another movie. However, if you're looking for a heart warming movie that will make you proud to be an American and a Christian look no further. You'll cry. I guarantee it.

God Bless America


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