Tuesday, April 24, 2012

She Said Yes to the Dress!

I went wedding dress shopping today with Liv and I'm so excited to say that she said yes to a dress! It is absolutely GORGEOUS on her and fits her so well (yes, I cried haha). You'll just have to wait until after the wedding when I post pictures to see what it looks like, but I will give y'all a sneak peak into what kind of bridesmaids dress I'll be wearing :)

Liv is having her wedding in December and her colors are light blue, purple, and grey. More of a winter wedding than Christmas one. Here's the two we all like:

The dresses are from Bari Jay and I am in love with dress #1!
(both dresses are in Misty Blue, but the last one looks brighter for some reason). I honestly can not wait for this wedding!

Also, thank you all so much for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers about this job. I just had my email interview and am waiting to hear back to see if they want to have a phone interview. If so, I will then have an in person interview, communication assessment, meeting with CEO, and then, hopefully, hired! (told ya it's a long process haha) I can't tell y'all how many times I've held my breath today when I saw my phone light up with an email, but it was so comforting to read your encouraging comments and to know that you were all thinking of me! 

I really can't express into words how much it means to me to have such amazing women, who I have never met in person before, say such encouraging and kind things to me through this whole process. I would give you all hugs if I could and I will definitely keep you all posted on my job journey! 

Hope y'all had a great Tuesday!



  1. Isn't the blogging community so wonderful when it comes to having a support system?! I just love it.

    And I love those two dresses! Sounds like a pretty color scheme!

  2. I love the colors she choose for her wedding. They sound great. And those dresses are beautiful.

  3. This dress is extremely flattering and elegant :) I love it! And I love all of you guys is a very good feeling. xx

  4. Love those dresses!!! I'm crossing my fingers for you - I hate the interview process. I have a second round interview today and I'm so nervous!!

  5. I love the first dress! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you about the job--I know how stressful it is!

  6. love the dresses! we did december reception and had blue/gray as well. can't wait to see the dress (i'm a little obsessed with weddings).


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