Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh Happy Day

I just turned in my last paper for my undergrad! My eyes burn from looking at my computer screen so long, but I am so happy to be done! done! done!

 I was a little pissed discouraged earlier when I found out that the bookstore was buying none of my books back, I mean really? You make me spend $50 to close to over a $100 on used books, and then you won't even take them back?! Oh well, I can probably get more money for them online anyways. Don't college books drive you crazy with the cost? Another bad part of college I won't have to deal with anymore haha!

So while I was upset about not getting any money for my books and writing my third ten page paper in the library, I got an email from Jasmine at Jasmine's Reality asking for my address because.....I won her Stella & Dot giveaway! I am ecstatic! This is the first giveaway I've won and it happened to come at just the right moment!

I'm happy to say that these gorgeous earrings are soon to be mine! They are going to find a wonderful new home on my ear lobes and will be great for summer! 

I am so thankful! Oh, and be sure to wish my sweet friend and sorority sister Ashley at According to Ashley a happy birthday! She turned 23 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY! I love you my sister :)

Hope y'all have a wonderful Wednesday! 



  1. Congrats on the win! Those earrings are adorable!

  2. Yay for winning cute earrings.

  3. Thanks Emily! And those earrings are gorgeous!! Perfect for summer :)

  4. Love those earrings! So fun that you won them :)

    And I definitely know how you feel about the whole book situation! But believe me, selling them online will get you WAY more money!

    I just started blogging. Check me out!

  5. congrats!!!! that's so exciting! i won a giveaway 2 weeks ago, and should be getting the necklace in the mail soon. it seriously felt like the best day of my life when i found out hahah! i can't wait to post a pic! and you better post one of you rockin those earrings once you get em! they're so cute :):)

  6. So glad I could help make your day better!!

  7. Congratulations!! Those earrings are amazing :)

  8. Congratulations! What adorable earings :)

  9. Don't you love winning giveaways!! Those earrings are perfect for summer!

    and I absolutely hate buying textbooks.. and then getting NOTHING back when you try to resell them. so frustrating.

  10. A. Just found your blog and LOVE it!
    B. Buying textbooks my favorite part of the year. Oh wait...
    You mean to tell me that you're going to give me $10 back for the $100 book I bought and never really read? I might as well keep it and use it as fire wood. Haha. Kidding. But not really. I still have a few of last years books in my trunk. Just in case I break down and want to read. lol
    C. Those earrings are favorite color is turquoise so I pretty much want them. Need them.
    D. Sorry for rambling...I just really love everything about this post! :)

  11. ahh the earrings are so great!! so annoying about the books though -- that's the worst!

    Oh - Fancy That.

  12. congrats on the win!! gorgeous earrings


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