Saturday, July 7, 2012

One Less Lonely Girl

Ok first off, I am so sorry I've dropped off the blogging world! I haven't had internet except on my phone and its a little hard to blog on there, and yes I just used a Justin Beiber song as my title....don't judge. I don't even know if I spelled his last name right, but it seemed a fitting title.

 So here's what I've been up to: 1.) trying to reconnect with old friends from high school who have moved back home. 2.) Trying to still stay connected with my college friends. 3.) Bought a super cute pink pencil skirt and white dress at J. Crew (they have an awesome sale before the fourth!) 4.) Celebrated independence day, and that's about it.

There is a trend though that I have been noticing among my college friends and friends from high school that I would like to share and I wondering if any newly graduates (either from high school or college) are experiencing the same thing and that is LONELINESS.

I don't know how this has become such an issue, but it has. Even my friends who are married have expressed this to me. I'm beginning to think that maybe this is just something that we go through because of all the changes that have seemed to happen all at once.

We're out of college.
Most of us have moved.
It's time to get a big job.
Time to make new friends.
Trying to find our niche in life. actually sounds a whole lot like being a freshman in college all over again! You're out of high school, most of your friends moved and went to different schools, time to pick a major, make new friends, and figure out what you want to get involved with. Of course, I feel like college was a tad bit more fun.

But here's the thing that I don't get...why?

I've been hanging out with so many people and still sometimes catch myself down in the dumps, but for some of my friends it seems much worse. This should be new and exciting, not depressing.

I suppose this post is somewhat just me wondering and seeing if anyone else out there newly graduated feels the same way.

I don't really know what to say or how to help my friends with this. Any advice?

(I promise to write something more fun and upbeat next time haha)

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!



  1. Aw, I know exactly how you feel... even having just graduated from a masters degree program. Graduating is almost like mourning a breakup-- you're losing a lifestyle that you have become so accustomed to. The good news is that it gets better with time, just like a breakup! How is the job hunt going?

  2. I remember feeling this way after I graduated and it definitely gets better with time. Change is always hard, but you realize who your true friends are after you graduate, when you actually have to take time out of your schedule to hang out. I really enjoyed reading this post xo

  3. I live at home and commute to my 4 year college. Everyone else is already graduated or has one more semester like I do, but at out of town colleges or live 40 minutes away where I commute to. So I am in the lonely boat as well. Having to commute or wait until breaks to see people.

  4. Don't worry, you're not alone! Many times I feel like this too. I didn't stay close to anyone from high school and my college friends live too far away to see regularly. It has been a hard adjustment after graduation. I just try to remember to stay busy and do fun things to keep life exciting:)

  5. Wow, I could not have found more perfect time to stumble across your blog, as I am feeling the exact way. I just graduated from college in May too, and lonely is probably the best way to sum up the feeling. Someone told me though that with each new stage in life, you have to give up something to get to that next stage. I really understand what you're going through, and I really enjoyed reading this post.



    PS: "first year as a freshman in life..." that phrase totally sums this stage up! :) Looking forward to reading your blog.

  6. haha don't get me started ;) it gets better, but never the same!


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