Thursday, February 23, 2012

Don't Sneeze on Me

My germaphobia is in full swing after hearing that a bug is going around campus (uhmm. LIKE MONO! yuck!). I have to stay healthy! How else will I ever graduate?! So here are a few things I do and take religiously:

I have it on my key chain, in my purse, car, and tote bag. Since our hands are a major carrier of germs, especially when they touch your nose and mouth, I use hand bac after almost every class. My favorite hand bac to use are the ones from Bath and Body Works. You can usually get a deal on the pocket bac ones when you buy a group of them. My favorites so far are Caribbean Escape for spring and summer and warm vanilla sugar for fall and winter (yes, I change my pocket bac scents with the season like perfume ha).

I take a daily dose of daily vitamins. Right now I take One A Day Women's which has worked well for me (just make sure you take it with food! I feel so sick if I don't.) I also take Emergen-C when the weather begins to change or if I just notice that a lot of people are starting to get sick. They are packets of powder packed with vitamins that you put in a small glass of water.  I like the orange flavor, but they have raspberry and other flavors as well. 

Never and I mean NEVER pull and all nighter studying. First off, if it's for a test, your memory will be worse than it would be if you got at least 7 hours. Secondly, this is the time your body has to regenerate cells, which is crucial to your health and body. Lastly, not getting enough sleep is bad for your skin and can make you gain weight. If it's hard for you to go to sleep I suggest taking a bath, it's the quickest thing that relaxes me and makes me want to crawl up in my bed. 

These are just a few things that work for me. I hope y'all had a great Thursday and don't get sick! 


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