Thursday, June 27, 2013

Preppin' My Skin for Summer

As a girlie girl myself, I always like to look my best when I'm out, and when bikini season rolls around I'm in full swing ready to tackle pool parties, beach weekends, and those summer nights out.

It's that time again to show off a little skin, but how do you make sure it always looks in tip top shape? Here are a few things I try to do daily to make sure my skin looks it's best.

1. Stay hydrated! I can not emphasize this enough...I'm not the best about drinking water all the time, but it is one of the number one things my doctor, dermatologist, and esthetician suggest when trying to keep your skin hydrated and cleansed of impurities. What you put in your body can sometimes drastically improve how you look on the outside.

2.  Exfoliate. So I recently discovered this on pinterest and am literally addicted to this scrub! It makes your legs feel so silky smooth, and sometimes if I feel really dry or feel like my skin is lacking a little luster I do it all over. Love, love, love it!

And with all the sunscreens, oils, and sweat, you might find that some of your pores are getting clogged  on your back, shoulders, and chest. Neutrogena's body scrubs are a great way to prevent and treat that from happening. I like the scent of the grapefruit one, but all of them tend to make me feel nice and clean.

3. Moisturize. Even if your skin isn't flaky or dry, do it! It prevents aging and keeps your skin glowing! The most important time to slather on some lotion is right before you go to bed because when you sleep your skin loses the most moisture. 

4. SUNSCREEN. Ok, ok, you all knew that one was coming right? Because it's so flippin' important!!!! I know, I like being tan too (more on that tomorrow), but it is so bad for your skin. Here are some direct words from my esthetician and dermatologist, the more you take care of and protect your skin now in your twenties the less you'll have to do in your forties, fifties, and sixties. Why? Because all the skin damage you do now doesn't surface until years later. So put on a big sun hat and lather on that SPF.

I know these are pretty basic, but sometimes we all need a friendly reminder (even myself haha I'm definitely guilty of baking in baby oil!).

What are some of your secrets for keeping your skin looking great? Any products you swear by? I would love to hear them and try them out!

Have a great Thursday!



  1. I've been making a scrub out of coconut oil and sugar. So simple but it works so well. I also love spray sunscreens. Could it get any easier?

    1. Ok for coconut oil just some miracle beauty thing that I am just now hearing about?! I heard its great for growing hair too. I'll have to try that! Thanks Chels!

  2. I do not leave my house with out SPF in 45 on face and hands! I refuse to get sun damaged and look like an old piece of luggage!



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